How to Grow Pomegranates from Seed

How to Grow Pomegranates from Seed

  • For best results, start pomegranate seeds indoors in mid-winter, so that they can have a couple of months to grow before spring planting season.
  • Simply scoop out some seeds and rinse them in cool water, then rub them with a paper towel to remove the pulp.
  • Allow the seeds to dry for a few days to keep them from rotting.

  • Plant the seeds no more than ¼” deep in lightweight, seed-starting potting soil.
  • Put the pot in a sunny, warm window, and keep the soil moist as your seeds germinate and grow.
  • For added humidity and warmth during winter, you may find it helpful to cover the pot loosely with a clear plastic bag until the seeds have sprouted.
  • When the weather warms in spring, you can begin gradually hardening off the plants before moving them permanently outdoors. Even though mature plants can handle some cold, wait until freezing weather has passed before planting your seedlings.

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